Know thy customer: Nivea creates ad to ease parents' minds

Nivea print ad works with app to help moms keep track of kids at the beach

Nivea wins a shout out on our blog this week for their newest modern campaign – a print campaign that cleverly includes a digital element. The ad claims to alleviate parental worries at the beach with the tag line “More protection for your child. Less concerns for you.” But it doesn’t just protect young skin; it’s also a tracking device for over excited kiddos that wander too far from their parents. Magazine reading moms can rip the locator directly off of the ad and attach it to their kid’s wrist like a bracelet. Then they type the unique code into Nivea’s mobile app, and it sends a notification if your little one has gone too far. Pretty snazzy, right?

Aside from the obvious “wow” factor, what we really like about this campaign is that it’s exciting technology that solves for a truly relatable human need. With so much pressure to have a digital or mobile presence, some brands are getting desperate to create any app. Just to have one.. Nivea creates this ad around the idea that a beach day should be relaxing, not stressful—something we can all agree on.

This isn’t Nivea’s first time landing one of these wins. Last May their print ad featured a built in phone charger for beach goers that was powered by a solar panel. Once again finding a way to truly change the beach-goers experience.

At Hey, we like to build digital projects that satisfy a human need, instead of creating human needs to satisfy building a project. And so to Nivea, we tip our hats.