The 7 Types of Social Media Followers (And How to Reach Each One)

While everyone has their own unique qualities on social media, there are seven archetypes that brands can leverage to capture a lot of typical behavior. Understanding which of these archetypes make up the greatest portion of your audience can really sharpen your content marketing and social media strategies. Here are the seven types and the […]

A Few Notes on the "Facebook Benchmark Report"

SalesForce Marketing Cloud has collected and compiled data into a report they have called “The Facebook Benchmark Report”. This report outlines the advertising effectiveness done within the social network in relation to location, industry, and other variables. A few interesting points made in the report: — Sponsored ads generate 13.7 % more likes compared to […]

Native Advertising: Savvy Content Marketing Strategy or Manipulative and Deceptive?

“Native” advertising is a hot topic lately. Media Post has said that “for the foreseeable future [native advertising] is the next major online type ad”. AdWeek has also stated that “pretty much everyone is doing native ads now”, which is why Facebook, Google and the Interactive Ad Bureau are all reacting by creating native ad […]

From Pins to Purchases: How to Use Pinterest for Your Business

Pinterest: The social network for planning weddings, wowing at dinner parties, and turning mason jars into things… other than mason jars. Not interested? Turns out you’re in the minority, with 25 million people who enjoy browsing through Pinterest for those ideas. Did we mention that many of those users are wealthy females between the ages […]

Driving Social to Sales

So your brand has a pretty decent social media following. You have a few hundred (or thousand) likes on Facebook, a sizable amount of Twitter followers, and an active LinkedIn account. Just a few more posts on your social media networks and you should be expecting these followers to be bowing to your every command, […]

Using Content Marketing to Build Your Brand and Engage Customers

What is “Content marketing?” Ask five marketing professionals that question and chances are you’ll get five different answers. Here’s our answer…Content marketing is a system of marketing tactics that uses brand content (versus ads) to build awareness, drive engagement and ultimately drive purchase. Of course your content marketing program is only as good as your […]