The 7 Types of Social Media Followers (And How to Reach Each One)


While everyone has their own unique qualities on social media, there are seven archetypes that brands can leverage to capture a lot of typical behavior. Understanding which of these archetypes make up the greatest portion of your audience can really sharpen your content marketing and social media strategies.

Here are the seven types and the best ways to reach them as defined by ReachLocal:

1)The Quiet Follower—This is the user that has “liked” or “followed” a brand on different social platforms but never or rarely engages. Unless you want to go the old fashioned route of creating stronger CTA’s (“like this if you love coffee!”), which often times is less than ideal for brands, it is best to read and understand how Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm works. Once you have an understanding of what variables get different Facebook posts to the top of the newsfeed, your content will appear to be more visible and more often.

2)The Casual “Liker”—A little bit more involved than the quiet follower, this person will engage on occasion, usually just to broadcast to their Facebook friends and twitter followers that they enjoy your product. To gain more interaction, post updates that ask for opinions and involvement, such as “we love these new board shorts for surfing the Maui waves! Where will you be surfing this weekend?”

3)The Deal Seeker—Studies show that more than half of Facebook fans that “like” a brand page expect to see coupons, deals, or incentives. Naturally, to reach these consumers, post deals-of-the-week, contests, and offers specifically for your social media audience.

4)The Unhappy Customer—This is the person who could cause a possible PR nightmare if you aren’t careful. While its great to get personal responses from customers, an unsatisfied tweeter could easily spiral out of hand. It’s best to wrangle these posts in by closely monitoring your page and providing feedback as quickly as possible.

5)The Ranter—This is the follower that complains about topics that aren’t even relevant to the brand, such as bringing up political, cultural, or personal issues not related to the brand at all. Always deal with these professionally and eloquently to keep your reputation in tact.

6)The Cheerleader—This is an easy one. These ones are always involved with any post or tweet they can get their hands on. Make this a continuous act by making a point to share their content so it’s clear you see their devotion.

7)The Loyal Fan—Similar to the enthused follower but just one step ahead—these folks tell everyone they can about your brand and product. Ask them to share their stories in case studies, in quotes you can use on your website, or in videos. Again, you want to make a point to show them their importance to your brand in social.

If you can incorporate all of these strategies into your social media marketing strategy, you will be able to reach each target follower and create a coherent campaign for your brand.

Check out this infographic from ReachLocal for more details about the 7 Types of Social Followers: