Trends in Digital marketing 2013

“Starting planning for 2014? These were some of the most impactful trends in 2103 to keep in mind…(PART 2)

Typically you’ll see this kind of post more towards the beginning or end of the year, however many of our clients and friends begin planning for 2014 around this time. With that in mind we decided to review some of the most impactful trends in digital marketing we’ve experienced in 2013. Hopefully this will spark some thinking as you start to consider 2014.

Here’s the exciting conclusion tour digital trends list. As always, feel free to chime in on, correct, rebuke or hail anything you see here.

5.) “The Feed”: the rise in mobile web usage has given rise to just about every publisher creating a feed based format which in turn has given rise to the “sponsored post”. Look for more of this in the future.

4.) Content Marketing: social media has revived interest in may of the principles of inbound marketing. Advertisers are acting more like publishers as they work to create advertising that people love not avoid, boost SEO and create outstanding customer experiences, which inevitably involve content in its myriad forms.

3.) Shorter attention spans: while twitter may be the original medium to capitalize on ever decreasing attention spans they’re no longer alone. Snapchat, vine and others are taking advantage of our increasing appetites for less. Create snack able content

2.) Responsive Web Design: While some designers cringe at the idea of one proportion fits all there’s no doubt that creating one experience that works across several devices is a simpler, more efficient process.

1.) Expansion of “smart” phones: Unfortunately this is a bit predictable but it simply undeniable. This is the technology that is changing how we consume everything from navigation to conversation and in some way influences everything else on this list. The high-speed infrastructure is here, the devices are making darn good use of it. Mobile has arrived.

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6.)New sources of programming:
TV networks and cable providers have long been the creators of high quality content. However, that paradigm is changing with Amazon Instant, Netflix and youtube all chipping away. Tired of predetermined cable packages? Don’t worry, wont be long before these are a thing of the past.

This category could have easily been called “big data” but thats pretty over done and ambiguous so we chose to focus on our favorite benefit born out of “big data”. By manipulating all the data collected on a user as they browse the web we’re able to create specific targets related to purchasing mindset and deliver tailored experiences.

8.) Quantifiable influence
Individuals have more journalistic power than ever and its becoming (somewhat) quantifiable. Google’s “Author rank” would have the ability to Google’s ability to generate a score for your authority in the topic areas about which you regularly build content, That score is then factored into their ranking algorithm. The more influence and authority you have, the more you show up.

9.) From Mass Media to My media
As media consumption continues to fragment across multiple devices, from traditional television to smartphones and tablets, people increasingly seek personalized experiences: their content on their chosen devices when they want it is the norm vs. exception.

10.) Cloud-Based Tools
To be uber-efficient with your internet marketing efforts, you should be using cloud-based tools. For email marketing, you might be using MailChimp. For SEO, you might be using SEOmoz. For landing page testing, you might be using Unbounce. For heat map analysis, you might be using CrazyEgg. For website analysis, you might be using BoostSuite. Check out all the unbelievably useful options available to you.