From Pins to Purchases: How to Use Pinterest for Your Business

Pinterest: The social network for planning weddings, wowing at dinner parties, and turning mason jars into things… other than mason jars. Not interested? Turns out you’re in the minority, with 25 million people who enjoy browsing through Pinterest for those ideas. Did we mention that many of those users are wealthy females between the ages of 25 and 35? Yeah. Sound like an audience you could use? They also happen to spend nearly double what a typical Facebook user will spend, according to e-commerce expert Shopify. Convinced yet? Figured you would be.

While this all sounds great, because Pinterest is a bit less mature than Facebook or Twitter, it’s been tricky for advertisers to build social media strategies that deliver in this channel.

Here are a few considerations that can help you start to think about approaching Pinterest for business though:

Get found:
You can use a lot of SEO strategies found in typical content marketing plans here. Do keyword research to find the terms your audience is using most and use them in your content. Keeping boards organized so that they focus on one aspect or set of related terms can help bring some focus as well as make your account easier to navigate.

Create Engaging Content:

Audiences don’t go to Pinterest to shop, they go for inspiring ideas. Make sure to pin things that inspire your brand. If there just so happens to be a product or two mixed in there, so be it.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 12.27.27 PM
(The North Face is a great example of pinning engaging content)

Drive Sales:
The part advertisers find trickiest is walking the fine line between building a community and driving sales. Understandably–it’s hard to do. However, rich Pins, a newer product from Pinterest, can help. Rich Pins allow you to add price, product details and a link directly to said product from Pinterest (you can find more about rich pins on the Pinterest Business Center here).

Building this bridge is critical and is already being done well by brands like Target and REI.

Still looking for “pinspiration”? Check out these brands that have paved the way for Pinterest business success:

The North Face
The Travel Channel