From Social to Search Rank: How your Social Media will get you Noticed on Google


Generally, if you’re on the first page of results, you’re in business. If you’re not…good luck ever getting found.

The competition for slots on Google’s first search page has given rise to an industry of search engine optimizers, each SEO expert spending hours tweaking, writing, and coding in hopes for Google to respect their authority.

How to stake your claim though? Generally it has been accepted that 75% of Google’s algorithm is based on back links. However, Searchmetrics just released their 2013 SEO Ranking Factors report where they found that social media has a bigger impact on ranking than ever before.

Google believes that if you’re getting shared, added to a social circle or commented on then you’ve got sway and reward you for it. For example:

• Google plus ones correlate more strongly (a correlation coefficient of +0.4) with ranking than any other social media signals and are the most positive of any action.
• Facebook shares were the second most closely linked social signal with rankings – a correlation of +0.34.
• Tweets on Twitter and Pins on Pinterest have lower correlations of +0.28 and 0.29 respectively.

So what do these stats tell us?
• Google has an agenda so take note and play nice.
• The importance of your social presence is increasing, so be aware and be active
• For best results, create content people love. Love so much they want to share it, interact with it and can’t wait for more.

Obviously content marketing is not a new trend. Tried and true, it’s a strategy that you can get a lot of mileage from. Be purposeful in your efforts. Make sure you’re being strategic in what it will do for you and with time Google wont keep you hanging in the dark depths of page two.

To see the whole report, click here