4 Powerful Ways Millennials Are Changing Business for the Better (Despite What You’ve Heard)

This cohort ranging between 18-35 in 2016 now exceed the population of the baby boomer generation. Being impact-driven, they are changing the industry and how we work together. Read how they have positively impacted the office space. Read the full article at: www.inc.com 

Mobile Internet Usage Surpasses Desktop for First Time Ever Worldwide

There is no telling how far mobile internet usage will surpass desktop usage in the future, but it tends to increase during the Holiday season. This is a last call to make sure your website is fully optimized for mobile before your opponents leave you in the dust. Read the full article at: www.searchenginejournal.com 

9 Ways to Speed Up Content Creation and Connect With More Users

Apply agile marketing practices to crowdsource knowledge, prioritize critical tasks and know when it’s time to move on. Finding errors quickly will help your team fix those issues early. Consider feedback as a means to increase your content’s quality, effectiveness and responsiveness. Read the full article at: www.entrepreneur.com

Nine ways brands can improve emotional connections with customers

It can be challenging trying to win over prospects. It’s not easy convincing customers that your brand is better than another. You have to find a way to keep them satisfied and loyal customers. Read these 9 popular motivators to create a more meaningful relationship with your consumers. Read the full article at: www.searchenginewatch.com