Time to Put Away These Common Big Data Misconceptions

Data-driven marketing is changing business. The virtually unimaginable has become a reality in 2016. With a constant stream of advancements being introduced into the advertising industry, technology has proven to be positively impactful for businesses. Learn the key areas of focus that results in effective big data. Read the full article at: www.adweek.com

Experimenting with the Evolution of Experiential

Incorporating consumer experience to the brand’s story is what experiential marketing is all about. Creating an authentic and personalized experience has proven that VR/AR  can add huge value. With the growth of 360-degree videos on platforms like Facebook and YouTube in 2016, it has highlighted demand for experiential consumer engagement online. Not only can brands […]

How to Market to Each Generation on Social Media [Infographic]

Our redesigned blog is helping us start 2017 with a bang! When utilizing marketing strategies, it’s important to segment your social media content by audiences. One way to do this is by categorizing by age groups. Generational groups have different habits and levels of engagement when using their preferred platform. Learn new methods to pinpoint […]