How to Solve the Mystery of What your Customers Really Want

We live in a customer-first world. Data-driven insights are the key to increasing customer satisfaction. If you don’t know your buyers, how can you really help them? That disconnect can very quickly translate into reduced ROI and decreased revenue for your business. That’s why it’s so important to incorporate data and analytics into every activity […]

Buyer Persona

Now That You’ve Created Your Buyer Personas, Here’s How To Effectively Employ Them

Buyer personas tell you what prospective customers are thinking and doing as they weigh their options to address a problem that your company can resolve. Research shows that websites created with the help of buyer personas are 2-5 times more effective than others. Learn more benefits that buyer personas can have for your marketing strategy. […]

5 Digital Marketing Tips to Increase Your Brand’s Growth Online and Improve Ad Results

Digital marketing has become extremely efficient in recent years, especially with the large percentage of consumers accessing the internet on their mobile devices, as well as the ability to monitor a campaigns success with just a few clicks. Reaching your campaigns full potential and maximizing your ROI are crucial to any brand’s growth. Take a […]

3 Steps for Explosive Online Marketing Growth

Creating and implementing a successful digital marketing strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. Utilizing the correct platforms, producing engaging content, and targeting your ideal customer can all help drive potential sales. Take a look at these three steps from Entrepreneur to maximize your company’s potential through online marketing. Read the full article here:

The Decline of Organic Facebook Reach & How to Outsmart the Algorithm

With significant declines in organic reach, as few as 2% of your Facebook followers are seeing your posts on their News Feed. Lower reach means less opportunity for customers to engage with your brand, and in turn, fewer potential sales. Learn how to counter Facebook’s algorithm and improve your page’s organic reach with these quick […]

Why Omnichannel Marketing Helps You Build a Better Brand

Most of today’s potential customers access the web on two or more devices per day, giving you multiple opportunities to share your brand’s story. Giving consumers access to your brand across a variety of platforms is what makes omnichannel marketing so successful. Learn how to utilize this strategy to more effectively communicate with customers, create […]

Top Tips to Drive More Engagement with Data-Driven Native Ads

Utilizing data to more specifically target your audience in your native ads creates a more natural experience for consumers, and a more effective campaign for you. Learn how this previously criticized method is proving to be one of the more popular and successful among other digital marketing formats. Read the full article here: